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Monday, January 11, 2010

Things I Did Yesterday 11/01/10

Whoops. You think you write these things in a vacuum! Anyway, yesterday I:

- Had the day off! We got up reasonably early so as to head over to visit Dana & James and recent arrival (not to mention cute as a button goddaughter) Annie. Discovered that, unbeknownst to TFL Journey Planner it seems, we can get to Lewisham on the 21 bus in under an hour. Handy!

- Had a very nice visit with the Bradleys. We stayed for a few hours before making ourselves scarce. I think their house is a bit like Grand Central Station at the moment!

- Stopped in a delightful Wetherspoons pub down by Lewisham station. Well, I didn't get glassed and it did the trick as far as a cheap lunch goes, so not too bad. We went through the South Africa guide alongside our new draft itinerary, trying to plan our movements. We've got a few firm dates booked for safari and so on, but we needed to rejig our plans a little to work around the dates. Also wanted to get as much in as possible while still allowing time to relax a little and just mooch about Cape Town.

- Came home and chilled. Started watching the Sopranos again at last, then moved on to True Blood after. I was planning on staying up late and playing Xbox, but come 11pm was wiped. Such an old man now.

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  1. I talked about you on the other side Androoo...I"m doing my own sort of NaNoWriMo, but without writing :)